How to earn extra income online?

You might be wondering if you can earn income through the internet and how? Learn to use your free time wisely while surfing and doing social networking to generate extra income online. But how? Learn the techniques I presented here and do your own study. There are many money making scheme online but most of it are scam so be very careful in choosing. Based on my investigation, there are four categories I considered as legitimate money making scheme in the internet today.

  • Buy and Sell – use this technique if you have lots of items that you don’t intend to use anymore. Sell it to “buy and sell” websites. Once you acquire a start up capital, you can now start rolling it to buying and selling items that you think will generate higher returns on your capital
  • Affiliate Marketing – earn commissions on sales or referral fees on every products you promote through Affiliate Marketing program
  • Paid Advertisement – start to create a blog or website and monetize your site
  • Freelancing – get paid on sourcing out your talent or skills to anyone needing in the internet

These are the legitimate money making schemes online. Don’t be fooled on the quick-get-rich schemes out there.

If you are interested on what I presented here, visit my sample online store or my sample site where you can have idea on how to start your own and start earning online! Feel free to share this blog to anyone interested on learning how to earn extra income online.


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