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Combining Affiliate Marketing and Buy & Sell technique to earn extra income online

If you are planning to do buy and selling online, use the power of social networking to do business. Open up an online store then promote it to your friends first. Just make sure all your customers are satisfied with your products and services. For sure they will do the word of mouth and encourage … Continue reading

Tips on How to Use the Internet wisely

Are you dreaming big that someday when you retire on your full time job you still have steady income through the internet? If you answered yes then the next question you might be asking is what marketing plan will I be doing to make this dream come true? What if I don’t have a capital … Continue reading

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell is the basic marketing approach people are fond of using to earn extra income in their day to day life. This technique is very common knowledge to all people in all walks of life. But “buy and sell” doesn’t only mean that you need to buy a new item then sell it … Continue reading